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EDITORIAL: Skunks in the City

posted Feb 26, 2010, 6:12 AM by Jake Parrillo
Elmhurst Press

Posted Oct 01, 2009 @ 12:14 PM
Elmhurst, IL —

Messing with Mother Nature can sometimes really stink.

Elmhurst residents have for many years lived side-by-side with unwelcome neighbors, and the air should now be cleared. Sharing land with these four-legged creatures is incredibly foul.

The locals have appealed to the city for help in ridding the area of these skunks, but some folks are sure something reeks. They’re having trouble getting traps from the city, and that has put them in a real funk.

Community leaders have been put on alert: Residents demand a fresh start. The skunks that have invaded their property must leave to make life for humans more sweet.

City officials want to remove the stench of opposition by being more cooperative with residents.

Traps will be more readily available, leaving some residents to believe they can finally smell success.

A small victory for residents, perhaps, but there’s no doubt the skunks would find this deal quite rank. They occupied this land first, and their removal conveys the definite scent of betrayal.

Why do humans in this city have their noses all out of joint? How have they come to take such a malodorous view of their furry neighbors?

Rather than maintaining a rancid relationship with the skunks, we should embrace this aspect of the community’s heritage. Elmhurst was, in fact, fondly known as “Skunk Hollow” back in the day. Now that’s sprinkling some fragrance on the situation.

Wildlife is precious and should be highly valued, not perceived in any kind of a noxious manner. Respecting animals in their natural habitat helps keep our ecological system from going stale.

So, let’s cherish the aroma of communing with nature in a way that benefits both humans and creatures. Let’s not allow our hearts to grow musty. Let’s give our skunk neighbors the living space they deserve, and then let’s stand back to take a whiff of true ecological harmony.