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Four Elmhurst Candidates Endorsed, Named “Skunk Fighters”

posted Mar 29, 2011, 2:38 PM by Jake Parrillo   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 7:25 AM ] - A Community Group Endorses Alderman Candidates

With just 6 days until Election Day and the peak of skunk season around the corner, - a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of Elmhurst residents everywhere released their list of endorsements for the Elmhurst City Council Election slated for Tuesday, April 5, 2011.  

“While there are certainly more critical issues facing our City in the coming year like a balanced budget, traffic congestion, crime and economic development, dealing with the skunk problem is one thing that all of Elmhurst can agree on,” claimed Founder Jake Parrillo.  “This election holds the key to helping residents solve the skunk issue.  These endorsed candidates have presented strong and creative plans to address this quality of life issue.  Elmhurst residents should consider these candidates to be the “Skunk Fighters and vote to elect all four to the City Council.” Endorsed Candidates for Elmhurst City Council - 2011 Election
Ward One:  John Raniere
Ward Three:  Dannee Polomsky
Ward Four:  Mark D. Anglewicz
Ward Six:  No Endorsement
Ward Seven:  Dean O'Brien

Based on a answers from a questionnaire that candidates submitted, Elmhurst Stinks formed an Endorsement Board made up of a diverse set of Elmhurst residents from broad cross-section of neighborhoods.  Conducted with rigorous non-biased standards, the Board voted to endorse in four contested races, while holding an endorsement in the Sixth WardThese endorsements signify to the voters across the city that these candidates are best equipped to handle an issue that everyone can agree on:  Elmhurst needs to do something about the skunk problem.

Along with these endorsements, is proposing a creative approach for the city to bring back animal control - while controlling costs.  Similar to how some cities like the City of Chicago approach sidewalk repairs, ElmhurstStinks is looking for an Alderman in the City of Elmhurst to propose a 50/50 share plan for skunk removal.  Funded between the individual homeowner and the local government, along with having the program administered by City Hall, believes that such a plan would not overburden the city while partially solving the problem.  

About  Founded in 2010, Elmhurst Stinks is a group of concerned citizens of Elmhurst Illinois who have had enough with the skunk problem in our town.  We organized to demonstrate to the City that collectively our voice on improving the quality of life in Elmhurst needs to be heard.  As of today, more than 600 skunks sightings have been “submitted” to the site from all four corners of the City of Elmhurst.  

Elmhurst is a wonderful place to live and work.  Members of Elmhurst Stinks wouldn't change a thing - except for getting rid of the skunks!